• “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, makes the mighty ocean and the pleasant land …”

    Dear parents, students and well-wishers…

    As our school is launching this E-MAGAZINE ‘PMS CANVAS,’ we are delighted to communicate and connect with each other in this present scenario. Here in this first-ever ‘PMS CANVAS,’   the contributions of our little ones’ ideas, creative views and the presentation will surely uplift our spirits.

    Throughout this time of pandemic, our little ones have to be guided and taken care of in all the aspects of their lives. We, the PMS family, assure you to bring out the best in them and strive to instill the values to get a better imprint in their young minds and hearts.

    I take this opportunity to thank the management for the constant support and encouragement. A very special thanks to all our teachers, students and parents for your cooperation, and wholehearted involvement in shaping excellent personalities and role models for the future generations.

    PMS CANVAS E-magazine

    PMS CANVAS (2nd Edition)
    PMS CANVAS (3rd Edition)