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Welcome to Fr.Peter MermierPre-School

Fr. Peter Mermier Pre-School is run by the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, who are working in India since 1845. The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales are a society of Fathers and Brothers founded by Father Peter Mermier in 1838 at Annecy, France. It was his desire to instruct the youth and lead them along the right path. For this purpose, he started preaching missions, conducting camps and running educational institutions. The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales are spread today ail over the world, and are involved in different activities. In India they are running schools, technical institutes, hostels and social work centers, for the well – being of the people.

Fr. Peter Marie Mermier

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Fr. Peter Marie Mermier is the founder of the religious body of priests, and brothers (the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales) who run Fr. Peter Mermier Pre School at Janakpuri, New Delhi. Fr. Mermier was born on August 28, 1790 and baptized on the same day in the church of Chaumont, a village lying between Annecy & Geneva. He was extremely kind yet very firm,prudent but unusually bold, and intensely active. He led a deeply prayerful life with humility which comes only to those who possess divine strength. Through him the Lord was able to lay the foundation of 2 congregations – the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales of Annecy and the Daughters of the Cross of Chavanod. They are propagating his mission zealously with full conviction.